“The Best Playground EVER!”
Reviving the joy of freeplay in woods, fields and ponds!
Open Daily 10-6 – except Closed on Wednesdays.
New for 2023! –  Season Passes –  $40/child with $150 max./family
(If you are coming more than 40 miles to visit the park, season passes are half-price.)

What is Discovery Park?
An Awesome Unstructured Playground Adventure!

Children are encouraged to play and build, imagine and create, explore and discover, challenge themselves and just be free!

No one will tell them what to do or how to do it. No one will tell them who to play with or how to work in a team.

Trust your kids, empower them, and give them a safe space to figure things out on their own. Parents are allowed in all sections, but are encouraged to let their children play freely, discover, problem-solve and create on his/her own.

You’ll find age-related areas from tad-pole hole for the toddlers to the construction zone and test track for the older kids. There are areas for water/ mud fun, musical play, quiet spots, a maker-space and more.

Plenty of seating is available for adults to read, nap, watch or visit with other parents.


Located at Earth Song Farm in Lodi, Ohio
Hours: 10 - 6 daily except closed on Wednesdays

Entrance to Discovery Park is through a Stone Portal -
.... to a land like no other!

Admission - $10 per child (ages 3 - 15)
Maximum Family fee of $40.
Parents and other adults are free.
Babies and Children (2 and under) - Free.

What to bring: Change of clothes (your child may get wet
or muddy), towel, water bottle.
Organic snacks and drinks are available for purchase.


Giant Tipi for birthday parties and family events.
Overnight Tipi rentals in Tipi Village.
More info Here.

Mission Statement
Remember as a kid when you ran wild with a pack of friends on a summer day, without a care in the world? You did what you wanted. You played. You challenged each other. You took risks. All with minimal parental supervision. Many kids these days have very limited access to free play.

Free, unstructured play is vital for children and offers an antidote to the hurried lifestyles, digital distractions and overprotective parents that can leave children few opportunities to really just be kids.

The goal of Discovery Park is to provide a safe learning environment that offers opportunities for children to learn cooperation, develop critical thinking and creativity, meet physical challenges and gain self confidence.

Our promise...
...to create many happy childhood memories
by bringing “adventure” back into play!


Location - 7634 Lafayette Rd., Lodi Ohio 44254
Contact - 330-242-3772, Email - steph@camelotprinting.com